Find Senior Parking Spaces on Your Own

Finding a parking spot can be challenging at times. If you are like many people, you may be tempted to park in the middle of the road or find an illegal spot by parking on the sidewalk or curbside. Driving with senior citizens is especially difficult, as they may need to walk half a block with their walker before finding an open space.

This is where AI comes into play – AI algorithms can scan for spots that are available and display them on mobile screens. These mobile apps also help locate parallel parking spots near busy intersections so people don’t have to back out of their spot half way through unloading groceries from their car.

5 Helpful Tips

Finding a nearby garage can be a pain, but we found 5 helpful tips to finding the perfect spot for your senior parking needs

1) Look Around First

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When you decide to park your car, the first thing that comes into your head is a garage. You just want to be able to move on with your life without having to go out of your way looking for a parking space.

2) Ask Your Friends

Sometimes you might need to ask your friends or family members where is the nearest garage or what garages are near by. You can use Facebook’s search engine to find out where your friends are located.

Asking friends is a great way to find out information on topics that you cannot figure out on your own. It helps with the process of getting more people on board with your project – especially when you are just starting them out.

3) Get an App or Map

The map was the best source of information because it gave me a good idea of where I can park. My phone also helped me find local parking garages.

When I wanted to park my car and couldn’t find a place, I turned to apps on my phone to help me. One app I found useful is ParkMe, which has locations of parking garages near me and how much it costs. However, most apps charge $5 or $10 for their services so it was not worth the price for just one day of parking.

There are many navigation apps that can help you find places like parking garages and gas stations along with turn-by-turn directions.

4) Search on Google Maps

Google Maps’ street view allows you to see what lies ahead and behind you. It also lets you search the area and see how far it is from your current location.

When we can’t be there in person, google maps offers us a glimpse of the area. With their platform and mobile app, we can easily access any street view of what is near by by just searching what we were looking for.

This app offers an overview of the places near your location as well as its distance from your current location.

5) Check out Public

Public is a free app that helps you find the best free off-street parking near where you are. It will show you all types of parking options that are available to you, including off-street parking, residential permit parks, or even permit-free spots.

For example, if I am in New York City and I am looking for the best free off street parking near me, Public would show me all different types of parking options.


Find Senior Parking Spaces on Your Own
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